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Small businesses are in dire need of fax machines, but this becomes a big problem especially because of the costs associated with owning and operating a fax machine.  Small businesses are therefore looking for alternative means of being able to send and receive faxes in a way that is cheap, fast and easy.  This has given way to Internet Fax Services that have proved to be a better choice for both small and big businesses.  There are a number of advantages associated with internet fax services that are difficult to ignore.
    Granted that owning a fax machine is good for your business, there are however a number of problems associated with the traditional fax machines.  The biggest hindrance in this case is the cost.  This is especially disadvantageous for small businesses that are strapped for cash.  Some of the costs of owning a fax machine include the initial cost of buying a fax machine.  In addition to this, you have to think about long distance charges, maintenance costs, additional costs for a dedicated fax line and the cost of paper.
    Internet Fax Services offer a solution to each of these problems.  All you need to pay for with such as service is a fixed monthly fee.  Faxes are then sent directly to your email address at no additional costs.  After paying the monthly subscription (which costs me only $16.95 with eFax after a 30 day free trial) you can expect to receive hundreds of faxes in your email address.
    Besides the lower cost of operation, there are additional advantages in convenience.  With an internet fax service, you can delete faxes that you no longer need, can save important faxes as well as choose the faxes that need to be printed.  This saves you a load of cash on paper, as well as access to your faxes from virtually any location with an internet connection and or anyplace with a cell phone connection.  The added flexibility means that you can send, receive and read faxes even when away from the office building.
    Getting your faxes remotely also means that they are easier to manage.  Junk faxes can be deleted and the important ones saved or printed.  This also means that the sender will never receive a busy signal as is the case with traditional fax machines.  Clients and suppliers will also be able to send you faxes much easier without the annoying busy signal.
    Internet Fax Services are not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly.  I can also get a 30 day free trial at eFax if you are still not convinced.  There is no doubt that Internet Fax Services is the best way to update your small business fax solution fast, easy and cheap!

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Advantages of an Online Fax Service

- You can access your faxes anywhere you can access your email account including hotels and smart phones.
- You can easily save your faxes on your computer.
- You can delete junk faxes.
- You get to decide which faxes you want to print.
- Internet fax services saves you a lot of cash.
- Online faxes are easier to operate than a traditional fax machine.
- Your electronic fax provider will continue to send a fax until a busy signal is not reached.
- Your fax provider will never return a busy signal to your customers and suppliers who are trying to send a fax to you.
- It is much more environmentally friendly.
- You can get a 30 day free online fax trial at eFax.