How to Receive a Fax on your Computer

Receiving faxes directly on your computer and/or your smart phone is the most convenient way to go about sending and receiving faxes.  It also reduces some of the costs including buying and maintaining a fax machine in addition to other related costs.  It is also more convenient since you can send and receive faxes from virtually any location with access to the internet.
    It is however important to learn a little about internet faxing before jumping into receiving faxes on your computer.  This information might help ease scepticism over this service, as well as offer a little more information about internet faxing in general.

What is Internet Faxing?

Internet faxing is a relatively new innovation as far as technology is concerned.  It simply allows users to send and receive faxes remotely, without the need for a physical fax machine.  This literally means that your computer converts into a fax machine, thus making things more convenient for you.
    With internet faxing, all you simply need to do is set up an online account.  This account will allow you to be able to send and receive faxes remotely from your computer.  It is also possible to link this account with your email address (gmail, MSN, Yahoo and so on) and receive your faxes directly into your email address.  It is also possible to send faxes from your virtual account to fax numbers with physical fax machines.  There are additional conveniences that you can get with internet faxing including the ability to send faxes straight from your smart phone.
    If you are planning of receiving faxes for your personal use or a business than you will need to get a membership at an online fax service.  After opening an account at eFax, you will have all of your incoming faxes converted into emails.  You can receive up to a 500 fax documents via internet for free with a $7.99 monthly membership at Ring Central with your own personal fax number.  You will also be able to send online faxes too with your online fax account.

Receiving Faxes on Your Computer

Receiving faxes on your computer is actually quite easy.  All you need is your computer and internet access.  There are no contracts, setup fees and wiring.  All you need to do is sign up at Ring Central, after the initial sign up, your account will be activated immediately.
    There are however monthly fees, although these are negligible considering the convenience you will be getting.  It is a much cheaper solution, which only costs $8 a month for a great service.
    The great thing is that you can get my free 30 day trial with eFax just to make you comfortable.  This will be completely free, and once you are comfortable with the service, you can begin to pay your monthly subscription.
    Sending and receiving faxes on your computer is actually quite easy, and is the best choice as far as your faxing solutions are concerned.