Ring Central Fax

You can read online, print and save all of your faxes if you have a Ring Central Fax account.  You can send and receive all of your faxes through your email account.
    You will be able to send and receive up to 500 faxed pages for only $7.99 a month.  The membership includes your own local or toll free fax number.  This is ten times more cheaper when compared to using a traditional fax machine.  You will save money by getting rid of your dedicated fax line, paper costs, long distance charges, fax machine maintenance and reduced office space.  Using an online fax service is also more efficient because you can access your fax wherever there is an Internet access.  You also can store the documents on your computer without scanning them first.

Sending a Fax with Ring Central

If you ever had any reservations about sending faxes, than you should take the 30 day free trial at Ring Central and see for yourself how easy it can be when you use an online fax service.
    To send a fax using the Ring Central Fax service, you will first need to attach documents to an email and prepare the cover sheet.  You will then send the email to (fax number you are sending the fax to @ refax.com).  Ring Central will automatically convert your email into a regular fax and then send it.

Plan Features

Fax 500 Plan

Free Fax Trial

30 days

Monthly Fees (USD)


Receive Faxes

500 (combined)

Send Faxes

500 (combined)

Extra Page Costs


Free Fax Number

Toll Free Number

Send Fax by Email

Start faxing for only $7.99 a month at Ring Central!

Receiving a Fax with Ring Central

Once you have your account set up, you can retrieve all of your incoming faxes inside your email inbox.  Ringcentral.com will automatically convert your incoming faxes into email attachments.